The Portal

As part of the “Kick-Off” for this newly reconstructed web-site we would like to draw attention to the “GLS Web-Access Portal” button on the “Menu Slider”. These days everyone is looking for a way to create “More Time”. Once time passes by it’s gone, right? Well we would like to help you reduce the time you spend managing your “Steel” program. Our solution is… “Simple” web-based, web-access to a “Kan Ban” of the products you need, on our floor, ready to release. You can see your’ agreed upon inventory, access material certifications and historical data in seconds. “Click” items you wish to release, and hit send. Simple!  Would you like to know more? Would you like to ask some questions? We invite you to request an appointment and your territory account manager would be happy to visit you and demonstrate “Web-Access”. It only takes a few minutes to demo. Thanks for visiting, please give us a call today.