Property Expansion

A little over one year ago here in Youngstown, Ohio and very close to our facilities, the landscape began undergoing some visible change. Re-development in our area of the city has continued expanding. A portion of the Mahoning Valley that once was home to Steel Mill’s and manufacturing that have long since gone has also been re-developed and new industry has taken its place. As this was occurring a number of vacant industrial buildings and a city parcel became available right next to our corporate building and Plant#1. With the possibility of future expansion in mind, GLS acquired the land and buildings. We have since removed all but one of the vacant buildings, leveled, graded, fenced, powered and lighted the property.

We now use it for truck staging and parking, improved plant access and the ability to consider future expansion of this location should we so desire. So GLS is also doing its part in changing the landscape here in Youngstown. We invite our customers to come and visit. See you soon. Thanks for visiting.