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We've recently added to our product mix!
Aluminum & Stainless Steel
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Do you have a blanket requirement?
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With or without film, clear or laser
Even "Diamond Tread Bright"!

Over the years our satisfied customers have asked: “Can GLS supply Stainless Steel and Aluminum?” And we heard. We have the equipment and the capability and now we are offering blanket programs for Stainless Steel and Aluminum. So if you have a blanket requirement, that you’d like to discuss, please click the contact button, or give us a call today. (866) 740-0103.

Grades: 3003-H14, 5052-H32, 3003-H22 & H24 Tread Bright

Stainless Steel
Grades: 201, 304, 430
Finishes include: 2B, #4, BA, *additional grades and finishes by inquiry

With or Without Film! (Clear or Laser Film available)


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